Longevity - Wellness and the contribution of Medical Acupuncture

Longevity is the extension of human lifespan with the possibility of maintaining one’s health.

Furthermore, it also concerns the simultaneous deceleration of ageing progress with no diseases and the health improvement until our biological end. 

Our normal balance between the damage of cells and organs is disrupted over time.

The complete restoration of damages in young ages has as a result the restoration of the cells of our body in their normal condition.

Multiple mechanisms, related to the genetic substrate, contribute to the ageing progress since several genes correlate with longevity. 

Genes help one dealing with “stress” that comes from the environment.

By working, elderly continue to be useful for society, as a think-tank. 

Learning and studying keep up being significant activities even at the last stages of life.

In Okinawa of Japan, in Sardinia of Italy and in Ikaria of Greece, people exceed the milestone of a century of life.

French woman Jeanne Calment celebrated her 122nd birthday because of her good genes, the excellent diet and the daily exercise, all of them adding 15 years in the lifespan.

From a biological perspective, longevity depends on our heredity which is represented by our DNA that constitutes our genetic material.

This material is organized in chromosomes whose edges are protected and sealed by special formations, the so called “telomeres” which provide an attractive explanation for ageing.

The length of telomeres is determined by two factors, firstly by our hereditary background which we cannot intervene in and secondly by our psychological environment.

The length of telomeres is the key that determines our lifespan and as it decreases, our ageing accelerates.

Recent studies suggest that the essential mitochondrial factor be in a delicate balance determined by the production of mitochondria.

Mitochondria, as small energy factories, execute the proliferation processes, i.e. the biogenesis and their own destruction as mitophagy.

Mitochondria as small organelles with extensive membrane network inside them, use glucose molecules as raw material for energy production, with the help of their biochemical molecule, the Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

Over time, mitochondria produce less ATP and simultaneously, the production of oxygen free radicals that oxidize each biological macromolecule is increased.

Free radicals cause pathologies related to ageing which is, in turn, caused by the accumulation and dysfunction of mitochondria.

Exposure to solar UV radiation may cause immediate and chronic skin, eye and immune system health problems as well as DNA damages. 

Moreover, poor diet, obesity, alcohol, smoking, air pollution, unemployment, the loss of control of an impending social or economic destruction, the feeling of social inferiority and dignity and the long-term stress provoke premature ageing.

The World Academy of Chinese and Complementary Medicine aims to inform the Medical Community as well as the general public about the effective application of Chinese Medicine as a Complementary Medicine. 

Chinese Medicine functions as a holistic approach in parallel with the conventional medical treatments, always with the consent of the attending Physician. Chinese Medicine is approved by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) (1979) and the Central Board of Health (2018) and is applied at pain centers of 23 hospitals in our country.

Medical Acupuncture is a holistic, bloodless, painless and without any side-effects treating method, applicable to all ages.  It is carried out by inserting special fine aseptic needles into 400 specific Bioenergy points, in 39 meridians (energy channels) of human body.

These Bioenergy centers are detected based on a specific-personalized treating protocol, applied solely by a Doctor-Acupuncturist as a specialist who knows well the angle and the depth of the penetration of needles, according to the data of neurophysiology.

Medical Acupuncture evens out and regulates the energy of the body, inducing restoration of functional reversible diseases with reversal and improvement in more than 100 hard-to-treat conditions.

Such conditions include: Eye and Musculoskeletal conditions, Chronic Pain, Obesity, Dysmenorrhea, Menopause, Neurophysiological disorders, Tobacco and Alcohol withdrawal as well as Medical Aesthetics services.

Even more, Acupuncture is remarkably helpful in increasing both physical and mental performance as well as functioning proactively for longevity and well-being in the unique bioclimate of Greece.

Professor Konstantinos Kouskoukis
Professor of Dermatology – Lawyer
President of the World Academy of Chinese and Complementary Medicine, President of the Hippocratic Academy of Thermal Medicine, V. President of the Global Hippocratic Doctors’ Institute,  f. General Secretary Ministry of Education, V. Rector of  Democritus University of Thrace.

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