Ear Acupuncture

What is Ear-Acupuncture?

The treatment method of ear-acupuncture, in contrast to the traditional acupuncture as one of the forms of treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is much more recent.

On the ear’s helix and antihelix, a type of image of the human body as a whole is represented. More specifically, this representation resembles an embryo during the intrauterine life (an explanation similar to Microsystems), an illustration of the human body on the palm of the hand and sole of the foot (the same occurs in reflexology).

Diagnosis of Ear Acupuncture is based on palpation in order to detect painful spots with the help of detection devices. When the individual is diagnosed with a specific condition, zones of increased sensitivity are detected in the area of ​​the ear auricle.

At the same time, since 1888 there have been reports of organ representation in the ear. During the mid 1950’s, Chinese ear acupuncture starts to take place based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (meridians, five elements, energy balance).

At the Orasis Acupuncture Center we follow the rules of diagnosis and treatment based on the principle of the five elements and the energy balance. We apply ear acupuncture treatments in combination with body acupuncture aiming for the most effective result.

The indications of Chinese ear acupuncture are similar to those of body acupuncture. Electric transdermal acupuncture, ear massage, metal microspheres or other materials such as rice grains or semi-permanent microneedles are all used for the purpose of treatment. The application of the previously mentioned techniques helps to achieve continuous irritation and stimulation of the spot.

It is a form of treatment that in combination with body acupuncture has excellent results in treatments of various forms of addiction (alcohol, smoking, drug addiction such as benzodiazepines) as well as in appetite control (obesity, bulimia).

Benefits of Ear-therapy and Ear-Acupuncture

The easy application of ear-acupuncture is one of its fundamental advantages. The needles do not need to be present at the annoying spot, their placement is direct and the patient may have them on their ears for consecutive days, without any bother or difficulties in their daily life.

The effect of Ear-acupuncture can be cumulative related to the autonomous treatment of spots aiming for an enhanced effect. Its response to acute and chronic conditions, particularly to musculoskeletal pain is impressive. Cases such as stress, headache, migraine, facial or trigeminal neuralgia are treated with significant statistical success. Formerly, it was common to use ear seeds or pellets in order to stimulate the “spots”. Vacarria seeds (similar to poppy seeds), placed on small bandages in order to keep them in place, have now been replaced by small needles of 0.9 mm length which can remain semi-permanently for about a week.

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