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The Athens Chinese Traditional Medicine - Medical Center is the first traditional Chinese medical, research and training institute jointly established by the China Anhui University of Chinese Medicine and the Greece International Health Tourism Center. Its aim is to  provide the very authentic, high-quality traditional Chinese medical services, develop common medicine research and organize the short training and lectures for the local talents.

Anhui University of Chinese Medicine engages in sending high-level Chinese specialists to relieve sufferings and recuperate health for the patients, inviting medical professors and scholars to present lectures of Chinese medicine to the Greek community, actively contributing to the mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese and Greek people.

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Τhe Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated along with Chinese river civilization and flourished since the stage of agricultural civilization. It roots in the soil of 5000 years of traditional Chinese culture, and has developed its own scientific system built upon solid theoretical studies and rich clinical practices accumulated over generations of explorations. The philosophy of TCM concentrates around its unique concept of ``Qi’’ (similar to ``vitality’’) and focuses on treating the entirety of human body rather than limiting its views to specific parts. The TCM emphasizes the importance of understanding and utilizing the interactions between nature, environment, physical conditions and psychological factors. It analyzes human body and diseases from macroscopic, hybrid and dynamic view points. The treatment strategies of TCM feature enhancements of the stamina and strength of patients and expelling internal and invading pathogenic ``Qi’’, as well as maintenance of a healthy balance of the functions of organs.

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